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Search federal jobs daily because many positions remain open only for a few days.

Each year close to half of all federal workers can retire early with highly favorable benefits.  Federal employment opportunities are widely available. Do you want  a federal government job? The federal government employs approximately 3 million.   Each year thousands of civil service workers retire or transfer to other government jobs, and their prior positions must be filled. has tens of thousands of federal government jobs listings. Most of these federal government US jobs have high annual salaries and excellent benefits. Remember, the United States Government is the largest employer in the USA, hiring approximately two percent of the total work force.

Government jobs are also available with every state, and almost all county and local government.  You will find these also.  USAjobs Inc. can help you with your government job search.

Current federal employees also can find useful information here. There are many opportunities limited to current government employees, and for some we provide additional information or verification.

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