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USAjobs Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-commercial public service organization that matches qualified candidates with employers. Employers, sponsors and affiliates may or may not make donations. Member (candidate) dues are minimal, a few dollars, and tax-deductible, which helps to offset costs. Typically there is a totally free initial period. Candidates do not pay job or placement fees. We do not sell resumes, we are not a "resume database." We are not a staffing, employment or recruiting agency; we are not any type of agency. USAjobs Inc. Inc. is an affiliate of and integrated with BJYB /BJY. USAjobs Inc. is "no non-sense". We do what we say we will do.

Currently, USAjobs Inc. services are limited to licensed or certified professionals, along with graduate students and ex-military pursuing these professions. If you meet this requirement, click here to register. Only USAjobs Inc. offers you the highest probability of meaningful job matches, plus direct assistance through the first critical interviews. We are not online job database where you blindly send your resume, hoping for some employer response. With USAjobs Inc., responses are guaranteed. Register here.

USAjobs Inc. for the Professional - Licensed or certified Engineers, Architects, Building Officials, Educators, CPAs, Nurses, MDs, IT experts, CPAs, licensed brokers and dealers, along with senior officer level business development and sales professionals in these fields: A/E/C (built facilities), Engineering, Design & 3D-CAD (all types of electro-mechanical, electronic, and technology design), Education (starting at $68,767), Medical (nurses and physicians), IT (advanced degree), Financial (CPAs and licensed brokers), Ex-MIL (ex-military, security, law enforcement), M&A /Business Development Officers(merger, acquisition, business expansion, and sales senior officers).Currently, USAjobs Inc. membership includes California residents, employees and employers, along with federal, local jurisdiction and corporate sponsors who have job openings in California, Arizona, Texas, and the greater regions of Washington D.C. and New York City. Please note our Member (candidate) registration process is designed to save you the most time overall. Collecting accurate information once is efficient, prevents employer misunderstandings later, and does not waste your time.


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